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Application Industry: RO Membrane Water Treatment, Circulating Cooling Water, Landfill Leachate 
Product Name: Antifoam RK-833S
RK-833S is a modified polyether emulsion defoamer. Good dispersibility in the foaming system, excellent defoaming&antifoaming performances, good compatibility with the used system. It鈥檚 mainly used in RO membrane water treatment, circulating cooling water, landfill leachate, which the silicone defoamer can not be used.
Product Property
Good defoaming & antifoaming performances
Excellent compatibility with application system
Good dispersion in water
Does not harm to RO membrane.
Main Physical and Chemical Properties
AppearanceWhite or light yellow emulsion
Solid content30卤1%
pH value6.5-8.5
Application Process
Added directly or used after diluting.
The recommended addition is 0.5鈥帮綖0.6%. According to your specific condition, optimum volume of addition could be adjusted.
It is recommended to choose a place with rich foam or a place where the antifoam is easy to be dispersed. The specifics will vary according to different industries.
Key Applications
RO membrane water treatment,
Circulating cooling water,
Landfill leachate 
Other industries that silicone defoamer can not be used
Knowledge Shared
The Storage Condition of RK-833S-- Room Temperature Storage锛?鈩?40鈩冿級锛宎void direct sun light锛宻helf life is 6 months.Polyether Defoamer

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